Do you need a rear case to transport objects or food with your motorcycle? The Maxi Box of Puig is your ideal choice. Manufactured in polypropylene, highly resistant material and which greatly increases the capacity of conserving temperature, it is one of the preferred cases by the fast food companies for the transport of food.

The Maxi Box case has a reduced weight of 3.6kg and its capacity is 90L.

Puig cases are available in up to three different colors such as white, black and red. And we can choose between two different models, with handle or with lock and key. Puig has spare parts for the latter if needed.

In addition, Puig offers the possibility of acquiring a metal base to attach the Maxi Box case to the motorcycle and comes with a complete instruction booklet to facilitate its assembly.

Puig has an optional tray available, which the user can purchase separately, to place inside the Maxi Box.

*This product is shipped from our external warehouse. Freight is billed separately.

Check availability of the specific mounting kit for your motorcycle.

Capacity 90L
With lock

RRP 231.95
Brand Puig