The R-FIGHTER S footrests from Puig are developed to offer the rider and the passenger optimal support in any circumstance.
Like the other models in the range, the S is adjustable and is manufactured from an aluminum block, which has been given an anodized finish and some markings have been engraved to ensure the highest precision in its assembly.

What distinguishes this footrest is its high quality rubber case, which reduces vibrations while maintaining maximum grip. Its light construction (weighs only 90 grams) and balanced dimensions (74.5 mm long and 26 mm in diameter) make the R-FIGHTER S an ideal complement for the biker who frequently performs a dynamic riding but does not want to give up certain levels of comfort during the route.

Available in red, gold, blue, black, silver and green, this footboard from the Hi-Tech Parts family of Puig also reinforces the personality of the motorcycle and adapts it to the personalization preferences of each biker.

RRP 97.95
Barcode # 8436563733093
Brand Puig