This specific screen for the Honda CMX 1100 Rebel 2021 has been developed to optimize the road aspect of the popular Honda custom without harming its aesthetics, since thanks to its elegant and discreet design it is fully integrated into the motorcycle.

With its installation, a great increase in aerodynamic protection is achieved and protection against inclement weather such as wind and rain, in addition to protecting us from possible impacts.

If you have a naked-type motorcycle with non-round headlights, the new generation of Puig windshields will be the best complement for your machine.

Manufactured in PMMA, it will guarantee the best protection against possible impacts and above all, against the wind and weather conditions that may arise while riding. In addition, it gives your motorcycle a greater aerodynamic capacity.

As for the aerodynamic capacity, Puig provides together with the piece, the aerodynamic study of the piece during the creation process.

The new generation of Puig windshields adapts perfectly to your motorcycle model and is sometimes available in two types: New Generation Sport or New Generation Touring.

The user can not only decide the type of windshield, but also has the chance of choosing from a wide range of colors for the one that best suits the aesthetic line of his motorcycle.

The assembly of the new windshield is a very easy task that comes with instructions. It is intuitive and visual, to facilitate the placement of the new fairing.

Thickness: 4 mm

Will fit:

HONDA CMX 1100 REBEL (2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)
HONDA CMX 1100 REBEL DCT (2021, 2022, 2023)

RRP 307.95
Barcode # 8435529334251
Brand Puig