At Puig we work constantly in the creation and design of new products that improve the aesthetic line of the vehicle and provide all the necessary functionality to enjoy the riding of your motorcycle.

On this occasion, we present the new Adjustable Screen from Puig.

It is a piece made of high impact acrylic, a material that guarantees the integrity of the windshield against any possible impact and allows it to stand against inclement weather. It also has the particularity of allowing its regulation, to offer the aerodynamic protection that demands every situation on the road. From a racing position in the city, to a higher position for off-road.

Together with the part, Puig offers his classic mounting instructions for assembly to facilitate installation of the piece and to be able to enjoy your windscreen in a few minutes.

Check if the part number is homologated by the German KBA and if it is already included in the homologation in the DOCUMENTS section.

The design of this screen has managed to find a precise balance between lines that follow the bike's architecture and shapes that offer aerodynamic protection that allows long journeys with unusual comfort.

It is a dome formed by two elements: the lower part is the one that is fixed at the same anchor points as the original screen and the upper part is the one that allows height adjustment. Said adjustment is 80 mm (3.15 inch), its lowest position being +175 mm, higher than the original screen and its highest position +255 mm, higher than the original screen.

It is an ideal screen for those riders who like to travel on different routes:
· For highways or expressways: screen in high position (maximum protection).
· For curved roads: screen in the middle position (the one that allows the pilot, depending on his height, to look over the screen).
· For tracks or off-road: screen in low position (maximum visibility).

In general, the design of the screens it’s made looking for giving the maximum protection and comfort to a rider profile between 1.75m (5’9’’) and 1.80m (5’11’’) high. In the case that the rider is outside this range of heights, the adjustable Touring screen is ideal since it allows to regulate the height of the screen until the rider obtains the desired level of protection.

The adjustment of the screen is done with extreme ease and with the only help of a Phillips screwdriver. Loosening the 4 Allen screws on the inside of the screen by one turn, allows the unfixed part of the screen to slide to its ideal position.

Regardless of the possibility of regulation, the aerodynamic department has included in the design, an air channel located between the fixed and mobile part, which, to a certain extent, causes a 'Ventury' effect, accelerating air flow and thus lengthening the curve of the air flow that is diverted through the screen. At the same time, the air flow that passes through the channel helps to compensate the depression that is created by default between the screen and the rider, thus reducing the possible turbulence that could be generated.

OPTION A: For motorcycle with sport OEM windscreen.
Compatible with OEM handguards.

325 mm. higher than the original
Thikness: 4 mm

Will fit:

BMW F750GS (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)
BMW F850GS (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)
BMW F850GS ADVENTURE (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

RRP 455.95
Barcode # 8435529308818
Brand Puig