The Touring screen is designed to increase the aerodynamic protection of the KTM 890 Adventure 23', its aggressive shapes completely embracing the headlight fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the Austrian Trail.

Its studied design allows the creation of functional surfaces to effectively divert the air that would impact the rider. Differentiating the rider’s visibility zone, central zone, and the protection zones, located on the sides.

The side contours of the screen have deflectors that increase aerodynamic protection in the area of the rider’s shoulders and arms.

Larger than the original screen, with the installation of the Touring screen, aerodynamic protection is significantly improved, improving riding comfort and reducing fatigue. Resulting in an ideal accessory for riders who want to enjoy the road side of the KTM 890 Adventure 23'.

The Puig touring screen is available in clear, light smoke and dark smoke.

Replace your motorcycle’s windscreen with PUIG’s touring windscreen. Manufactured in acrylic of 3-4 mm according to the motorcycle model to guarantee maximum protection from the wind, improving the aerodynamics of the piece and possible debries that may impact you during your ride. In addition, it comes with a variable visor that will redirect the wind even more while achieving a great sense of comfort on board your machine. This visor is fixed to the touring windscreen by screws, since the screen comes with the holes already made to facilitate assembly. Note: not all touring windscreen models come with a visor.

The assembly of this screen follows a process that can be done without having to ask for a mechanic thanks to its simple and intuitive adaptation. The package also includes the aerodynamic studies that have emerged from comparing the Puig screen with the original in a virtual wind tunnel.

100 mm. higher than the original.
Thickness: 4 mm

Will suit:

KTM 790 ADVENTURE (2023)
KTM 890 ADVENTURE (2023, 2024)
KTM 890 ADVENTURE L (2023)
KTM 890 ADVENTURE R (2023, 2024)

RRP 450.95
Barcode # 8435529352385
Brand Puig