Touring screens, developed by Puig in Barcelona, are designed with the objective to aerodynamically protect the rider without affecting his/her field vision. In addition, these screens fit perfectly with the adventure style and aesthetics of the trail models thanks to their wide range of colors and different sizes. 

These Touring screens are manufactured using the most advanced technologies, using 4mm thick acrylic material, with UV protection and with a 2mm rounded edge. This finish gives it a more elegant touch and offers greater security, fulfilling with the regulations of the German TÜV.

The assembly of this screen follows a process that can be done without having to ask for a mechanic thanks to its simple and intuitive adaptation. The package also includes the aerodynamic studies that have emerged from comparing the Puig screen with the original in a virtual wind tunnel.

Made specifically for the Husqvarna Norden'22, its effective design is inspired by the rally semi-fairings used by the Swedish brand in competition. Therefore, the aerodynamic protection of the rider is significantly improved without sacrificing an attractive aesthetic.

Larger than the original screen, the upper part is wider to offer more protection in the rider's shoulder area and prevent annoying air flows for the rider, thanks to its flat finish it allows perfect visibility.

The lower lateral shapes have been designed to better deflect the air that would impact the hands, optimizing the aerodynamics of the motorcycle-window assembly.

With its installation, the rider goes from supporting 9.1kg of air pressure with the original screen to the 4.1kg provided by the touring screen, obtaining a 55% improvement that is reflected in greater riding comfort and reduced fatigue.

The Puig touring screen is available in clear, light smoked and dark smoked colors.


155 mm. higher than the original.
Thickness: 4 mm

RRP 322.95
Barcode # 8435529347657
Brand Puig