Renew the image of your bike with the New Generation Sport from Puig. Manufactured in 3mm methacrylate, material that guarantees high resistance to possible impacts and provides a great aerodynamic capacity, being insurmountable against the wind.

The product has been tested in the wind tunnel, achieving the best results, therefore, Puig provides this study with the majority of the pieces.
Puig has taken into account the diversity of this style of motorcycle and has a model for each of the most current motorcycles. In addition, for the piece to perfectly adapt to the aesthetic line of the motorcycle, Puig has available a wide variety of colors of carenabris to choose.

The assembly of the piece is an easy task and fits perfectly to the machine. To facilitate the assembly, Puig serves together with the fairing instructions for coupling.

The NG Sport fairing rightly combines an attractive personalized aesthetic and a plus of aerodynamic protection in the front area while maintaining a clear field of vision. With its installation, the rider supports less air pressure, which is reflected in greater riding comfort and reduced fatigue.

With a design inspired by a scorpion, the NG Sport screen is an aggressive piece with pronounced sides to accentuate the diagonal lines that start from the headlights. These lateral projections incorporate an interior screen printing that separates them from the central zone with the purpose of reducing the visual weight of the product and hiding the supports.

In addition, the lateral shapes of the screen give the whole an aggressive and sporty appearance by narrowing the intermediate area, achieving some small channels to effectively divert the air that receives the front of the GSX 8S. While the lower area fits perfectly with the lines of the headlight, with the aim that even though it is made up of several pieces, it appears to be just one.

The Puig NG Sport screen is available in the following colors: light smoked, dark smoked, clear and black, so you can choose the one that best matches the style of your Suzuki GSX 8S.

65 mm. higher than the original
Thickness: 3 mm

RRP 334.95
Barcode # 8435529353108
Brand Puig