The kit is designed so it can be installed with normal workshop equipment on the made-to-stock bike. If you are not a trained motorcycle mechanic, you may wish to consult a dealer in your area for installation.

Depending on the bike type, different methods are used to implement the conversion to a superbike handlebar. Depending on the bike model, longer brake hoses, new brake fluid container holder or fairing brackets may be required. Based on different producer specifications in most cases the original bar ends can not be used any more. Also, it is sometimes unavoidable due to the design of the fairings that these must be shortened or cut out from below.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to shorten the windscreen and the fairing ends to install this kit.

Recommended handlebars are not provided in the kit and have to be ordered separately (see below).

RRP 763.95
Barcode # 4251342913596
Brand LSL-Motorradtechnik