Superbike conversion-kit for 22,2mm standard handlebar

LSL superbike handlebar kits are so designed that they can be installed at a reasonable cost and with normal workshop equipment on the made-to-stock bike. If you are not a trained motorcycle mechanic, allow us to advise you on the conversion and contact a dealer in your area. Depending on the bike type, different construction principles are chosen to implement the conversion to a superbike handlebar. Depending on the bike model, longer brake hoses, new brake fluid container holder or fairing brackets are required.

The appropriate handlebars are not provided in the kit, but has to be ordered separately because of the possible selection of materials and colours (see below).

This kit comes with a complete top yoke and new brake line. Also please note that the windscreen needs to be cut on this model.

RRP 763.95
Barcode # 4251342904204
Brand LSL-Motorradtechnik