X-Bar clamps for 28.6 mm LSL handlebars. Not for use with the original handlebar!
fits the following vehicle:
12 S

Material: aluminum
Material treatment: anodized
Mounting: at original mounting points
Dimensions: 28.6 mm clamping
Identification: BU5

Our model-specific X-Bar clamps are mounted at the original mounting points. So you can mount an X-Bar handlebar on many models with original 22,2mm handlebar.
For models with standard rubber mounting, this is retained.

- The use of the original handlebar is not possible with this clamp (designation in ABE KM45).
- The clamp is only in conjunction with a LSL handlebar registration-free.
- Please check before ordering whether the vehicle intended for the conversion is listed in the ABE attached here!
- Each vehicle has different specified handlebar designs and restraints that require modifications to the vehicle (such as longer lines or cables).

If any conditions are not observed, the operating permit for the vehicle expires!

RRP 343.95
Brand LSL-Motorradtechnik