Are you looking for LED headlights with a neoretro aesthetic? The new circular headlights from Puig will give your motorcycle a vintage look without giving up the best lighting technology. The design of this optical group fits perfectly with all types of models, especially those with cafe racer details or preparations with naked units as a base.

Its development has been carried out at the Puig Hi-Tech Parts facilities, under the quality standards of the component manufacturer. The full size of the piece is 175 millimeters wide (6.89 inches) and 160.4 millimeters high (6.31 inches). The distance between the mounting point and the headlight is 139.2 millimeters, a fact that corresponds to the size of the housing in black.

The buyer of these universal LED headlights should take into account the technology of their own motorcycle for mounting. If your unit includes LED position lights as standard, you can activate the high and low beams as you would before the modification. That is, when activating position it would have an LED light and when changing (short or long) the LED system will turn off. If your motorcycle only has short and long range lights, they will be activated equally but together with the LED groups.

The parts necessary for its coupling are delivered together with the headlight: two screws, two thin washers and two other higher density washers. At this link you can find the assembly instructions.

High Beam:
Watt: 11W / Lumen: 900LM / Lux: 32LUX / Candle Power: 20000
Low Beam:
Watt: 9W / Lumen: 800LM / Lux: 15LUX / Candle Power: 9300
Position Light:
Watt: 4W

RRP 228.95
Brand Puig