Get a racing and radical aesthetic in your motorbike thanks to the Downforce Race spoilers from Puig. With shapes inspired by the Yamaha Monster Energy MotoGP, with the installation of Puig's Downforce Race side spoilers an attractive personalized sports aesthetic is obtained, while improving the poise of the front axle and maneuverability.

Thanks to their studied design, the spoilers channel the air from the sides generating the Downforce effect on the front wheel, providing more stability at high speeds, avoiding the dreaded shimmies, and providing more poise on the front axle when braking and greater stability in changes of direction. It also prevents the front wheel from rising during strong acceleration, anti-wheelie effect.

Puig's Downforce Race side spoilers are available in various colors; glossy black, matte black, dark smoke, blue, and carbon finish for those looking for an even more racing look for the Yamaha R7.

This product, extracted from the experience of the brand in the Moto GP championship, manages to provide greater air pressure in the front end in high-speed sections and improves cornering.

Lovers of R motorcycles are also passionate about the latest innovations in aerodynamics and technology. These spoilers give your street machine the performance worthy of driving on a circuit, for that reason, you can enter the track without any problem. Thanks to its assembly, you will improve the stability of your motorcycle at high speeds, reducing the vibrations that usually occur when the front wheel floats.

In other words, these spoilers produce the anti-shimmie effect and improve poise during strong front braking. The closed shape offered by the design of these ailerons increases the "lapa" effect in changes of direction, since they channel the air inside.

Thanks to the virtual aerodynamic tests and the experience in Moto GP, we add the "antiwheelie" effect in strong accelerations to the aerodynamic technology of the spoilers, playing with the channeling of the air and the pressure that it exerts towards the ground. Its design is specifically designed to produce these effects, and for the aesthetics of your motorcycle. With that goal, they will be available in glossy black, clear red and dark smoked so that you can adapt the one that best suits your style.

They are made up of two elements: supports injected in flexible plastic that adapt perfectly to the fairing of your motorcycle by means of a 3M dual lock adhesive, strong, resistant and durable, but that can be removed and does not damage or require holes in your fairing. And the second element is a closed-shaped spoiler, which is made of 4mm high-impact acrylic material following safety regulations, with rounded edges with a radius> 2mm, a material of great rigidity and lightness, perfect for receiving aerodynamic pressure and directly translating it into downforce.

Assembly is simple, it does not require drilling the fairing, and it is quickly assembled by following the detailed step-by-step instructions that are supplied on paper and can be consulted online in pdf and / or video tutorial.

RRP 459.95
Barcode # 8435529341990
Brand Puig