Why Become A RAM Mounts Retailer?

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 20 July 2016 

RAM MountsRAM Mounts are one of the most popular mounting systems in Australia, and for good reason. 

If you've thought about getting into this market and supplying RAM Mounts to your customers, here are some reasons why that is a fantastic idea:

  1. RAM Mounts are exceptionally high quality. Made in the USA from marine-grade aluminium, stainless steel, and high-strength composite components, these products are designed to last forever. Not like those cheap plastic mounts that only last a few months. This is good, first-world manufacturing at it's best
  2. RAM Mounts come with a lifetime warranty. Want products with a low return rate, and no hassles? RAM Mounts are tough so their return rate is extremely low. And when something does go wrong, they are backed up with a lifetime warranty by the company
  3. They offer a huge range. At the time of writing this blog post, RAM Mounts have over 5,200 parts in their price list. They have a mount for just about anything
  4. We can supply you quickly and simply, within Australia. We ship every day via Express Post, meaning you can often have your order the next day. Simply log onto our website and view pricing and availability. Our site shows how many items we have in stock, in real time
  5. We're here to support you. Whether you have customer questions, warranty claims, or need any other assistance, we're ready to help you sell

To apply to become a RAM Mounts reseller, visit this page.

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