RAM Mounts Ball Sizes

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 18 October 2018 

The RAM Mounts system works using their patented rubber coated ball and socket system. This is what allows the almost unlimited angles you can set, and also acts to dampen vibration.

But did you know that they produce 5 different sizes of balls?

A Size - 9/16" diameter (14.29mm)
B Size - 1" diameter (25.4mm)
C Size - 1.5" diameter (38.1mm)
D Size - 2.25" diameter (57.15mm)
E Size - 3.38" diameter (85.85mm)

Generally speaking, the size of the ball is included in the part number. For example:

- RAM-A-201U indicates a socket arm for A sized balls
- RAM-B-202U indicates a ball mount with a B sized ball
- RAM-D-111U indicates a mount using D sized balls
and so on.

The only exception to this rule, just to make things a bit confusing, is that C sized mounts don't contain the letter in their SKU (eg. RAM-201U). This is because the C size is what RAM Mounts started with, so at that stage there was no need to include the ball size in the code.

The different ball sizes allow you to mount different weighted devices in different conditions. This can be from mounting very light plastic devices, right through to mounts for motorcycles, cars, forklifts, boats, aviation, trucks, and then onto emergency services, mining, and military applications.

If you're not sure which ball size suits your application, contact us and we can advise you.

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