RAM Mounts Lifetime Warranty Conditions

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 30 August 2019 

RAM Mounts WarrantyAs you may already know, RAM Mounts provide a lifetime warranty on most of their items. 

However, like many warranties there are a few exceptions. We highly encourage you to read and understand the warranty conditions written here: www.rammount.com/pages/warranty and in particular note the following:

  • Certain materials and components are considered "general wear items" and are not covered under the lifetime warranty. These include things like suction cups, foam pads, rubber feet, etc. So, if a customer's suction cup base has worn out after years of use in the hot Australian sun, please note this would not be covered
  • Intelliskin and other electronic items only have a 1-3 year warranty, depending on the part
  • The warranty does not cover any electronic components integrated in the mounting system including including the USB connector inside of the IntelliSkin

Apart from that, everything else should be covered!

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