Pricing Updates

Author: Grae Olsen   Date Posted: 17 January 2022 

There are always plenty of pressures on pricing for various reasons, but particularly at the moment during a pandemic which has led to supply issues and shortages of materials like aluminium.

Added to that are the normal pricing influencers like fluctuating exchange rates, shipping price increases and so on, which means that overall prices can be fluctuating all the time for various reasons.

At Boisterous Equipment we like to try and mitigate these changes as much as possible, in order to provide certainty to our customers. For that reason we generally only review our pricing monthly, and even then most times it is not changed. But sometimes the above factors mean we need to, and that can mean pricing can go up or down. Sometimes by a little, sometimes by more.

If you are a retailer of ours, how do you keep up with these changes? There's a few options:

  1. View and/or import our pricing and stock level feeds (CSV, XML) which are updated every 15 minutes
  2. View our online pricing spreadsheets which always have the latest pricing
  3. View our website, which also always has the latest pricing

If you don't have access yet to any of the above but want it, simply contact us.

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